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Photos and some of the graphic design I do for various purposes: diagrams for work, pictures from my trips, posters for the CERN Dancing Club or just for fun.

CERN Dancing Club Posters CERN Dancing Club Posters
Colourful and artistic dance-related posters for parties, workshops and other events at the CERN Dancing Club, with a gradually changing style of the years.

Travels Travels
Photos and links about some of the places I've travelled to in the wide world, for business or pleasure. (Although business is pleasure in my line of work.)

Geneva - Rive Droite Geneva - Rive Droite
I always mix up Rive Droite and Gauche. Am I to blame, though? It's a question of reference, after all. Why not call them Rive Nord and Rive Sud instead?

Pont de Grésin Pont de Grésin
I still can't for the life of me explain why this edifice was built in the middle of nowhere and why it's kept in such impeccable state. But I'm grateful.

Misty Cows Misty Cows
As we were feeling our way through the grey mist, we came across black and white cows who seemed they didn't know where they had landed and couldn't help us.

Misty Sunrise Misty Sunrise
It's that interesting time of year again when there's plenty of fog to play with. Except that you still need to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to catch it.

Water Drops Water Drops
An experiment involving water, milk, food colouring, and pretty much anything we could lay our hands on to catch droplets hitting a still water surface.

The Other End of the Valserine The Other End of the Valserine
The other end of les Pertes de la Valserine offers yet another unexpected mix of landscapes: waterfalls, funny rock, formations, remnants of bridges that were.

Misty Rhône Misty Rhône
Swirling fog that is lifting over the Rhône river can make for the most magical of atmospheres. Especially when the morning sun is trying to peer through.

The Allondon River The Allondon River
Wherever the Allondon river runs, there's beauty. We spent a morning photographing flowers, cobwebs and pebble stones in a place I never imagined exists.

Red Sunset Red Sunset
The sun doing its thing again, with a deep red yawn, stretching its swirling clouds before going to bed. Now you get to understand why I could never be a poet.

On the Jura Mountain On the Jura Mountain
No need to go too much high up the Jura to start seeing the most amazing views. In fact, my fascination was soon pulled towards Geneva and its Jet d'Eau.

The Rhône River The Rhône River
There's all sorts of fascinating things to behold along the Rhône. There's of course the Fort l'Écluse, there's people boating, there's butterflies and bees.

Waterfall Waterfall
One of Nature's hidden gems you wouldn't suspect exists within just the few minutes' driving that it took to reach it. Trick is to know where to find it.

Étang de Cessy Étang de Cessy
The Cessy pond is a nice place where ducks come to barbecue in water lilies and ladybirds come fishing. There are interesting reflections in the water.

Misty River Misty River
Some early morning mist hanging on the Versoix river, along a path in the middle of a small, damp wood. Even ducks come here to relax and watch it run.

Poppies and Bees Poppies and Bees
In a poppy field, early in the morning, about when the sun started shining and woke up the bees which promptly went to work. As did a couple of mosquitoes.

Lightning Lightning
Lightning is rather hard to catch because it's a bit quick and unpredictable. These are my first attempts at making shots of lightning when it strikes.

Just Flowers Just Flowers
Just flowers. Don't ask me what they are, all I know is they're lovely, red and big, sufficiently so that I could have the camera stare right into them.

Moth Moth
Moths are fluffy, friendly insects, I daresay much more so than the butterflies they relate to and which are a lot shyer and often won't come and say hello.

Bees Bees
Bees are lovely and they're easy to photograph as they keep rather still, foraging about. Sometimes they even sit down and start posing with a smile.

Colourful Jura Colourful Jura
Colourful shots of the Jura mountain by a bright spring day. Mountains do display a rather exquisite variety of green colours, whose shades I like capturing.

The Valserine The Valserine
An astonishing and most unexpected mix involving a massive bridge, a red-brick building, canyons everywhere, colourful trees and uniquely green water.

Much Green and a Dam Much Green and a Dam
It's refreshing to see how much nature there is still left, and heart-warming to be able to admire the spectacularly many shades of green trees display.

River by Morning Light River by Morning Light
There is nothing like the bright and soft morning light for taking stunning shots of breathtaking water landscapes and the gently emerging wilderness.

Sunrise Sunrise
Some breathtaking and very early views of a sunrise by clear sky, as well as a number of other landscapes in the morning light. I woke up at 4:30, that day.

Secret Pond Secret Pond
Some shots from a hidden gem of a pond, where flowers, butterflies, bees and frogs went about their daily business, mostly undisturbed by inquisitive humans.

Trees and Silhouettes Trees and Silhouettes
Shots of some lonely trees, silhouettes against bright, busy skies, flowers against very dark ones, some motion blurs and a preposterously red sunset.

Droplets Droplets
Droplets of water fallen onto petals, branches, leaves and the table cloth. Taken up close, these colourful flowers always make me think of alien landscapes.

Space Tulips and Fruits Space Tulips and Fruits
Having some great fun light-painting tulips and zoom-bursting unsuspecting strawberries and blueberries, into dark, dramatic, otherworldly sceneries.

Water, Ice and Icicles Water, Ice and Icicles
A recent cold wave allowed for the shaping of amazing ice bells on branches a little everywhere, while melting snow kept a small river vividly flowing.

Daisies Daisies
Some humble pictures of a bunch of daisies with a pitch-black background. Nothing like it to make their vibrant colours stand out in all their glory.

Paper Lanterns Paper Lanterns
I could be pretending I took these somewhere in Japan, but I'd be lying. These, I believe, are physales. Oh, and I took some shots of an apple as well.

The CMS Detector The CMS Detector
Some colourful pictures of the CMS detector, one of the four main ones which are operated in the LHC – Large Hadron Collider – at CERN. Looks artistic.

Snow and Light Snow and Light
Snow doesn't have to be all white and dull. Occasionally, there's just little enough to make light play with it, making gradients and interesting contrasts.

Sunset Behind the Jura Sunset Behind the Jura
The venerable Jura mountain has to offer some spectacular sunsets, at times, which it does here with a helpful hand of this rather unique winter light.

Phalaenopses Phalaenopses
Close-ups of phalaenopsis orchids, before different backgrounds. I've no clue if the plural of “phalaenopsis” really is “phalaenopses”. I may be making it up.

Flight to Grenoble Flight to Grenoble
Photos taken at Geneva Airport at dawn, then during a short flight to Grenoble in a small aircraft. Landscapes of mountains under a bright sky from high up.

Towards Spring Towards Spring
As I was beginning to look forwards to spring, I went out and about to see if mother nature was too, expecting the first flowers and some inquisitive insects.

Sunrise at CERN Sunrise at CERN
These are a few pictures of a very early morning landscape at CERN near the computer centre, when a friendly rising sun greeted me at my office window.

You really can achieve anything with open-source software, these days. I use Inkscape all the time for a very wide variety of purposes where vector graphics are appropriate. I get to use GIMP for image editing fairly often too. I used to work with Blender for 3D creation too, back in the days, and I really should get back to it because it's really become an astonishing piece of software. And of course, there's GraphicsMagick for mass operations.